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Courthouse Clocks Continued

Several courthouse clocks were not listed in the 1911 Seth Thomas catalog. In my research, I initially did not locate additional information on other clocks. I used individual county websites, My Iowa Genealogy website, and "The Counties and Courthouses of Iowa" by LeRoy G. Pratt for information. I recently found a site with E. Howard Clock installations - details on those clocks have been updated.
Information on the history and interesting facts about courthouse clocks are always welcome! (just click on "comments" to this post)

Greene County Courthouse
Two outside clocks, each five feet in diameter, were financed “by popular subscription”

Hardin County Courthouse
The original courthouse clock, a Howard clock model 2 installation in 1900, is shown in photos circa 1896-1900 with a black face. The clock was destroyed by fire in 1921; the clock tower's iron floor prevented the fire from spreading to the rest of the courthouse. The clock was running inaccurately in 1967, and extensive remodeling and repair was done to the courthouse in 1970, including the clock.

Franklin County Courthouse
A four-sided clock in the large dome.

Webster County Courthouse
The copper clock tower was restored in 1985

Marshall County Courthouse
The Marshall County Courthouse's clock is a Howard clock model #3, installed in 1900. The tower and clock reaches 175 feet into the sky.

Sioux County Courthouse
Its large clock tower is topped by a statue of Justice.

Marion County Courthouse
The tower’s clock struck the hour throughout the city. The clock and bell are both the E. Howard Clock Company. The bell bears the date 1905.

Jefferson County Courthouse
The Jefferson County Courthouse clock in Fairfield has a Howard clock model # 2, installed in 1892. It features an illuminated clock in the large dome
Wayne County Courthouse

Mahaska County Courthouse
The Mahaska County Courthouse in Oskaloosa has a Howard clock model #2, installed in 1889. It requires hand winding about twice a week.

Page County Courthouse
The original tower featured a four-faced clock, which was removed in 1950. $175,000 was raised in private donations to replace the clock tower. Reconstruction was completed in 1994.

Montgomery County Courthouse
The Montgomery County Courthouse clock in Red Oak is a Howard clock model #2, installed in 1896. The tall clock tower with four-faced clock was a gift from the Red Oak Monday Club.

Washington County Courthouse
The courthouse also contains a large 181-foot tower, complete with the former Washington Academy clock. This clock is a Howard Clock #2, installed in 1874 in the Academy building. The clock became unreliable over time, so the Washington County Historical Society and the Carlton "Tug" Wilson estate funded the clock’s renovation in 1967.

Muscatine County Courthouse
The dome is supported by stone pillars

Clinton County Courthouse

Delaware County Courthouse
The Delaware County Courthouse clock in Manchester is a Howard clock model #2. Seven hundred county citizens bought a clock that was placed in the tower in 1895.

Fayette County Courthouse

Clayton County Courthouse
A 45-foot clock tower was added in 1896. The clock is a Howard clock model #1, records indicate its installation was in 1890. The clock was paid by the citizens of Elkader. The clock required daily winding, then was electrified in 1980. The cupola was expanded in 1896 to include a clock tower.

Winneshiek County Courthouse

Benton County Courthouse
112 foot tall tower with illuminated clock and 1,500 bell B-Flat donated by farmer & merchant Paul Correll

Dallas County Courthouse
The tower is 128-foot-tall with a clock that was donated by the people of Adel. In addition, there is a $1,000 clock that rests in the tower.

Polk County Courthouse

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