Sunday, April 19, 2009

Free-standing Clocks

Many of Iowa's courthouses have large clocks installed on the courthouse - on a tower, dome, or high on the face of the building. However, a few feature free-standing clocks. These add the traditional function of a community clock for these modern courthouses, all constructed after 1950.
We may have missed some of these gems - if you know of other Iowa courthouse square clocks, please click on "comments" to reply to this email!

Mills County Courthouse Square
The prior courthouse's Seth Thomas clock installation was listed in the company’s 1911 catalog. The 1857 courthouse was enhanced by addition of a clock tower in 1910. The face and hands from the former courthouse, along with new tower and clockworks, were used in the free-standing clock tower in 1959. It is located just west of the courthouse. (information provided by Vicki McClintic, Mills County Recorder)

Kossuth County Courthouse Square
This street clock is located in the southeast corner of the square. A plaque on the north side of the base says "Dedicated this 11th Day of July 2003 - Kossuth on State Committee." It was obtained from Electric Time in Medfield, Massachusetts.

Cedar County Courthouse Square
This street clock says "Tipton" in the metal frame above the clock face. The clock is owned by Tipton's Chamber of Commerce. It is west of the courthouse entrance in the courthouse square.
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