Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Guthrie County Courthouse in Guthrie Center

Guthrie County was named for Edwin B. Guthrie, who commanded a company of Iowa volunteers in the Mexican-American War.

Panora was appointed as the county seat in 1851, but a courthouse was not built for several years. Guthrie County’s first courthouse was a two-story wood structure, built in 1859 in Panora.
Battles raged for years between Panora and Guthrie Center for the appointment of the county seat. In 1873, the county seat was finally awarded to Guthrie Center. The county's second courthouse was built in 1877 in Guthrie Center, which burned in 1882. Insurance money was used to rebuild the courthouse.

The cornerstone for the third courthouse was dated 1882, but it took two years to complete the brick and stone Victorian Renaissance structure after the fire.

Guthrie County’s current courthouse, a brick structure designed with modern architecture by Dougher, Frevert, and Ramsey, was completed in 1964.

Visit the Guthrie County web site for more information.

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