Friday, March 6, 2009

Cerro Gordo County Courthouse in Mason City

Cerro Gordo County named for the Battle of Cerro Gordo in the Mexican-American War.

Cerro Gordo County’s first courthouse was built in Livonia, which was briefly chosen as the county seat.

Mason City (earlier called Shibboleth and Masonic Grove) was reappointed as the county seat in 1858. Mason City’s first courthouse was a two-story stone structure built in 1866.

In 1902 a three-story courthouse made with native stone, with turrets and a tall clock tower, was completed in Mason City. It served the county until 1960.

Today’s courthouse was originally designed in 1936 by the Standard Oil Company. In 1959 Liebenberg & Kaplan Architects and Engineers designed an addition and remodeling of the three-story building for use as Cerro Gordo County’s courthouse. Another addition designed by Associated Engineers was built in 1977 to provide additional office space.
(Thanks to Tom Drzycimski, Cerro Gordo County Planning & Zoning for vintage photo of the Standard Oil Building)

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